Ponymon Anarchy Alpha is done and over with. No more!

Ponymon Anarchy 2.0!Edit

With the new year ahead of us and 2013 behind us, I believe it's time we look forward to the future! This wiki will still host the old Anarchy game but now we are moving on from that to make room for the beta game. This time we will not be using the roms or rom hacking anything. Instead we will be using the great and powerful RPG MAKER!!! With this we can expand our horizons and be allowed to have a free range of work. If we want this game to be the best it can be than we need the best to do so download

Help 4 HireEdit

Calling all spriters, music makers, pixel artists, etc. We need your help to make this game a reality so if you feel you can contribute than please send in your contact requests to me on Skype. Skype name is aaallen23. The more help we get the bigger, better, faster, stronger this game can get.

When you send your friend invite please be sure to include your age, postion wanted, and a piece of work you have already made to show me your stuff.

Example: if you want a spriting position than send in a handful of sprites you have made so we can see how good you are. We are looking for sprites that look similar to our own so we can give the game a high quality look.

If you want a music making position we need music that resembles the pokemon games but are inspired by MLP. (Battle music, town music, etc.)

Pixel Artists are in charge of making the actual background and art of the game such as the routes, buildings, trees, etc.

Any other positions will be added later but if you think you have something to contribute to our game than let us know in the comment section and send me a request anyway.

If you know of anyone who could be of help to us than let us know so we can personally seek them out or go and get them and have them contact us.

WARNING: If you are younger than 17, we request you ask your parents before wanting to join. Most of us are adult males and we do not want to face any conflicts in the future. Also, if you attend school often than please take into consideration we will treat you as an adult and will not hesitate to remove you from our team if school is a problem and takes time out of your duties as a team member.

I wish everyone the best of luck.