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This wiki is about Ponymon Anarchy, a rom hack of Pokemon Emerald based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. There are catchable characters ranging from background ponies to non-pony characters such as the Hydra, Donkeys, Phoenix, Tom, Giant Spiders, Cave Trolls, Parasprites, Diamond Dogs and much more. Also a separate party is working on a map for a complete transformation of the Hoenn map to a duplicate to Equestria (not exact but it is a work in progress). Functions being included into the game will be balloon rides, trains, and whatever else that can be thought of. It is also included in the game where a player may be able to acquire all of the mane 6 by finding them spread out throughout the game.

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This game is for all to enjoy and play and to have an experience of walking through Equestria as yourself gathering friends along the way. If you have anything to contribute or would like to help us in the progression of our game then please contact us in the link below:

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